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If nature is your passion,
Ilha Grande is your destination.

If you like adventures in nature, nautical outings, kayaking, hiking through forest trails, cycling, mountain biking, scuba diving or floating, surfing, bathing in rivers and waterfalls,  enjoy beaches with bars and rustic restaurants,  then you will enjoy Ilha Grande.  On the other hand, if your profile is exclusively urban, with the facilities offered in cities and you don't like bushes and animals, then this destination is not for you. Here there is a lot of interaction with nature, proximity to some small wild animals, such as monkeys and squirrels, birds, seagulls, insects, lizards, crabs, frogs, turtles, stingrays and dolphins.


Ilha Grande is not the top … , the best … , the most … , this or that, the richness is in the whole, in the diversity, in the balance of colors and shapes and even contrasts. It's the simple, the rustic, the natural, the place where people go back to their origins, their feet on the ground, the beauty of nature brings out the good things…   Ilha Grande, has legends, curiosities, stories & stories. Escape of prisoners from the extinct prison, stories of fishermen, the past with pirates, slaves, farms, prisons. It is beautiful and grand by nature.





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Welcome to the paradise!

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